Call Tracking Features

Call Recording

Record and save phone conversations for future reference and analysis.

Call Tracking

Record and track phone calls to measure the performance of different marketing campaigns

Conversion Tracking

Track the number of calls that result in conversions and track the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns.

Campaign Tracking

Track and analyze the performance of different marketing campaigns by tagging and categorizing calls.

Call Disposition

Assign specific codes to calls based on the outcome or next steps.

Call Whisper

Play a pre-recorded message to an agent before they answer a call.

Call Reporting

Ability to generate and export data and reports in different formats such as CSV, Excel, or PDF.

Call Analytics

Track important call metrics such as source, campaign, keyword, call duration, call disposition and more.


It only takes one-click to stop unwanted callers such as solictors or spammers with the caller blacklist

Email Notifications

Get email notifications for new calls, missed calls, calls of certain duration, voicemails and sms messages.

Call Routing

Route calls to a single phone number, rotate calls to different numbers or ring several phones at once.

User Permissions

Restrict access for users to only see and have access to the phone numbers and features you want available to them.


Business Texting Online

SMS Forwarding

Forward text messages received by your call tracking numbers to your mobile phone.

Two-Way SMS Texting

Unlock the power of real-time communication with our two-way texting right from your browser.

Send Texts Online

Send text messages from your call tracking numbers right from your browser.

Receive Texts Online

Receive text messages online to keep your personal messages separate from your business messages.

MMS Support

Send and receive pictures online (perfect for industries where  customers text you pictures)

SMS Opt-in

Build a list via SMS opt-in with keyword and stay in legal compliance by obtaining consent.

and many more features

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